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Case Study 1: Gingival Augmentation with Dermal Allograft

This patient had moderate recession, sensitive teeth and gums and did not like the appearance of her teeth. A dermal allograft was used to treat 3 teeth in 1 treatment without using palatal tissue. Complete root coverage and strengthening of the gum was achieved. Patient loves the natural look and feel of her gums.

Case Study 2: Frenectomy

This patient had ankyloglossia, tongue tied, due to a very strong lingual frenum. It was causing gum recession on 2 teeth. The frenum was removed and a gum graft was done to repair the recession in 1 visit. The tongue is freely movable now with no restriction and the recession has stopped.

Case Study 3: LANAP

This patient had severe gum disease affecting all her teeth. The teeth were very loose and gaps were opening between her front teeth. Bone loss was very advanced. She was told she would lose her teeth. Treatment with laser surgery was completed in 2 treatment visits 2 weeks apart. The loose teeth were splinted after spaces were closed. She will not lose her teeth.

Case Study 4: LANAP

50 year old male with advanced periodontal disease has gum pockets 7 mm deep with advanced bone loss. The gums are red and swollen and bleed easily. LANAP laser surgery was completed for all teeth in 2 treatments 2 weeks apart with no bleeding, no swelling and no sutures. This eliminated the disease and saved his teeth.

Case Study 5: Labial Frenectomy

This patient has a very thick strong frenum. It is pulling the gum away from the teeth and causing a space to open between the teeth when the patient does not wear her retainer. The frenum was removed in a 30 minute treatment and the teeth are now stable.

Case Study 6: LAPIP

Infection around this dental implant is called periimplantitis. It causes pain, swelling and bone loss. Eventually the implant will be lost. Treatment in this case was completed with the laser in 1 visit of 40 minutes. There was no pain or swelling and the infection was eliminated and the implant was saved.

Case Study 7: Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

This patient had multiple teeth with advanced recession. The gum recession was visible and unesthetic. Pinhole gum augmentation was completed on 4 teeth in 1 visit in 1 hour with no sutures and no palatal grafting. Improvement is instantaneous. Excellent coverage of the exposed roots looked and felt great.

Case Study 8: Palatal Connective Tissue Graft

This patient had advanced recession with sensitive teeth as a result. A palatal connective tissue graft done in 1 visit completely covered the exposed root. Sensitive tooth was gone and appearance was enhanced. Patient was thrilled with the result.

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