The health of your teeth and gums have profound effects on your overall health. More than just the beauty of your smile is at stake. If you are worried about gum disease in Braintree, MA, be sure to see Dr. Thomas Mone for treatment, so you too can have a healthy smile and a healthy body.

It Is All Connected

It is a surprising fact that the health of your gums can directly affect your general health in other areas. Most of the time, an infection or illness is contained in one location, but your mouth is unique. As the gate to your body, an infection here often causes problems elsewhere. Unfortunately, as many as 1 in 7 adults between 35 and 44 have gum disease. Many scientists suspect your gums may directly influence what enters your bloodstream as well. Whatever the cause is, it has become clear that many issues may arise if one suffers from gingivitis or other periodontal diseases.

Hidden Dangers

There are many types of issues that gum disease can cause. Among them are:

  1.        Heart Disease - If infections can enter your bloodstream from your gums, it all leads back to the heart. Studies show a connection with poor gum health and heart attacks.
  2.        Diabetes - Having diabetes can increase your risk for gum disease, but gum disease can also make it more difficult to manage your diabetes.
  3.        Dementia - Those with gum disease have been found to have higher rates of dementia later in life.
  4.        Memory Loss - Cognitive function has also been found to be impaired by poor gum health.
  5.        Rheumatoid arthritis - Signs have been discovered that gum disease may even affect your joints. It just goes to show how connected the human body is.
  6.        Premature Birth - Complications with pregnancy have also been discovered.

If you suspect you have developed this condition, receiving gum disease treatment is vital. Dr. Mone has the experience needed to employ advanced LANAP® laser treatment. Come in today and experience relief from damaging gum conditions. Contact our Braintree, MA office at (781) 348-9925.