The patients who come to see us here at Mone Periodontics are typically all looking for the same the thing: a bright, rejuvenated smile. Unfortunately for many of them, missing teeth due to periodontal disease has taken its toll on their oral health, to the point of them being unable to manage it by themselves. If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, not to worry; there are treatments that can have you back to beaming a healthy grin to world.

There are several ways that gum disease can impact your oral health, yet if left untreated, the end result is often the same: missing teeth. For those left looking to replace their teeth, dental implants are a terrific option. Yet make no mistake: the decision to undergo dental implant placement is not one to be taken lightly. It is a complex procedure. However, recent technological advances have made the planning and execution of this procedure much more effective.

Cone Beam vs. Traditional X-rays

Here at Dr. Mone’s office, we use advanced Cone Beam Imaging technology in order to visualize your entire oral structure in preparation for a dental implant procedure. This particular imaging medium offers a number of advantages over traditional x-rays, including:

  • Speed: While other forms of imaging can take up to several minutes to achieve clear images, the Cone Beam system can generate clear scans in less than one minute.
  • Safety: Cone Beam technology utilizes less radiation to view internal structures. This fact, coupled with the increased speed, makes this a very safe imaging option.
  • Clarity: The end result of Cone Beam scan is crystal clear 3D panoramic images of your teeth, bones, and nerves.

Thanks to the image clarity offered by the Cone Beam system, Dr. Mone can easily assess your treatment needs and accurately determine the necessary size and placement of your implants. All of this supports our goal of offering you the most advanced treatment possible with the fewest risks for complications.

We’re Excited to Work with You

The tools and technology are out there to fight back against the effects of gum disease. Why would we not employ all of them for our patients’ benefit? If you’re searching for dental implants in Braintree, MA, look no further than us here at Mone Periodontics. Dr. Mone and the rest of our staff can’t wait to help restore your smile. To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, just give us a call at 781.353.0683.