Protecting your smile from tooth pain, decay, and periodontal infection can be as easy as selecting the right food and drink. Healthy choices are not just good for your body, they are good for your teeth and gums, too. Snacking on sugary sweets and carbohydrates will only feed the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

  1. Water is essential for dental health. It helps to rinse away plaque, bacteria, and food debris that cause tooth decay and periodontal infection. Water also does not have the added sugars found in most soft drinks and juices. Fluoridated water, in particular, offers the benefit of making teeth less susceptible to acid. Ask your periodontist in Braintree, MA, about fluoride treatments to protect your teeth.
  2. Eat the right foods. Dairy products, for example, are high in protein and low in sugar. They also contain calcium, which promotes strong teeth and bones. Unlike fruit juices, which are considered unhealthy for your teeth due to the high amounts of sugar, fruit still contains the fiber which helps to balance the sugar content. Lean proteins, like fish and eggs, are another excellent source of protein.
  3. Snack wisely. Reaching for a bag of chips or candy is only going to cause tooth pain in the long run. Fruits, for example, are good for your teeth. The high water and fiber content allows them to scrub your teeth clean while you chew them. It also encourages saliva production, which helps to rinse away debris. Nuts are another excellent choice. Low in carbohydrates, nuts do not activate the bacteria that produce acid and toxins. They also promote the production of saliva.

Patients who want to know more about oral health can turn to Dr. Thomas Mone, a skilled periodontist in Braintree, MA. Dr. Mone places a high priority on patient education and would be happy to discuss proper oral care and nutrition with you. Call our office to schedule your consultation today.