Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Every time you eat something hot, cold or sugary, your teeth tingle or hurt.
  • You feel as if your teeth have become more responsive to temperature fluctuations, including when you breathe in on a chilly day.
  • Your gums are tender to the touch, and hurt when you brush or floss.

If these are issues you deal with on a regular basis, you probably have sensitive teeth. While sensitive teeth are sometimes a naturally occurring problem, they can also be a symptom of a wider, and more concerning, dental issue: receding gums.

Why Gums Recede
Did you know that your gums tell a story? Throughout your life, they help your dental provider understand what is happening in your mouth. Receding gums, or those that have moved away from the teeth they are supposed to protect, are a common issue.

When your gums are no longer in perfect position, you are at risk of several outcomes:

  • You could begin to see rapid decay at the base of the tooth along the top of the root, which can lead to eventual tooth loss.
  • Your gum line may take on an uneven, unappealing look.
  • Your gums may become more irritated and red.
  • You are at greater likelihood of developing periodontal disease, or exacerbating the disease if you have already been diagnosed.

To minimize these risks, you should contact your periodontist to schedule an evaluation of your sensitive teeth. Together, you can decide on the correct type of intervention. Slight sensitivity can respond well to changes in diet and hygiene, including the use of special toothpastes and mouthwashes. In more serious cases involving gum recession, minimally invasive procedures including the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique provide excellent results.

Worried about your receding gums in Braintree, MA? Call us right away for peace of mind and improved all-around health.