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Why Visit a Dentist With Cone Beam CT?

Whether you are visiting a new dentist for the first time or you are concerned about tooth pain, you may need to take dental x-rays. You may be familiar with the unpleasant process of taking traditional x-rays. It requires you to bite down on a small but seemingly endless supply of bitewing film slides that press into your gums and cheeks. X-rays can be awkward, uncomfortable, and time-consuming. Worse, your dentist is provided with only a slice of the information available since traditional x-rays are not very detailed. Cone Beam CT scans, however, have drastically improved this experience and offer various other advantages to traditional x-rays.

The Benefits of Cone Beam CT Scans

·         Comfort: Unlike film slides which are pinched into the mouth. Cone Beam CT scanners move around the mouth, externally “scanning” the entire area and providing a complete view of your oral health.

·         Accuracy: The images taken with Cone Beam CT scans are three dimensional and offer a comprehensive display of teeth, bone, soft tissue, and nerves. For those missing teeth in Braintree, MA, this information is critical for the placement of dental implants. Precision planning and placement of dental implants are required to ensure success.

·         Convenience: Scans are performed in a matter of seconds. The equipment quickly scans your mouth and renders clear 3D images. You no longer need to schedule extra time at the dentist just for x-rays.

·         Health: Cone beam CT scans improve your dentist’s ability to detect infections or cysts. They also show your dentist where nerves are located within the jaw to allow for accurate placement of dental implants.

At our office, Cone Beam technology provides Dr. Mone the opportunity to provide you with improved comfort, convenience, and health. If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, or are missing teeth in Braintree, MA, call us today for an appointment.