Determining if Sedation Dentistry Is Right for You

Feelings of anxiety, fear, and even distress can accompany the thought of having to get dental work done, especially when it is a specialized procedure. Often, these kinds of procedures are performed by a specialist who has been trained to deal exclusively with specific oral conditions.

A periodontist is a professional who provides specialized care to patients in need of dental implants or the treatment of painful periodontal diseases. He can also assist in the prevention, care, and healing of oral inflammation. Sedation dentistry in Braintree, MA, is an excellent route to go if you are in need of this kind of treatment. Here are some tips to help you determine if sedation is right for you.

Sedation Dentistry to the Rescue!

People who could benefit greatly from working with a professional periodontist and receiving sedation dentistry include those who are:

Self-conscious –
The thought of someone working in your mouth may send a chill down your spine. Are you embarrassed about people looking at or working around your mouth? Sedation can reduce this anxiety and help you to remain calm and relaxed.
Gaggers –
A majority of the population experiences a bad gag reflex when receiving dental treatment. The discomfort can be avoided when you are sedated and unable to feel what is going on in your mouth.
Fearful –
The fear of getting dental work done is certainly not limited to a few. Because of a lack of understanding, fear of the unknown, or a general dislike of dental work, fear can cause any procedure to be exceptionally scary. Sedation is an excellent resource to help you remain relaxed and in control.
Sensitive –
The people with sensitive teeth may experience heightened discomfort during dental work. Various sedation methods allow patients to feel relatively nothing throughout the procedure.

Dr. Thomas J. Mone is an experienced periodontist who together with our exceptional staff can provide you with a stress-free dental experience. Contact us today at (781) 353-0680 to find out more about how sedation dentistry in Braintree, MA, can be beneficial to you.