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Implant Dentures in Quincy, MA

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If you have become unhappy with the instability of your dentures, implant supported dentures may be the solution for you. Denture wearers often complain that dentures are prone to slip at inopportune times, are not comfortable, and require messy adhesives. Many denture wearers have lost confidence due to the fact that dentures may shift or make clicking noises, and often shy away from activities where they may be feel embarrassment, such as dining out or talking with friends.

Implant supported dentures use implant dentistry to secure your dentures, allowing you to freely enjoy your social activities again. Dr. Thomas Mone offers two methods of support using dental implants.

      Implant dentures near Quincy, MA


  Implant Dentures in Quincy, MA
Fixed Implant Dentures

The Bar-retained method requires several dental implants to be placed into the jaw bone. Metal bars are then attached to these dental implants. Your dentures then rest on these bars instead of your gum line and are attached using metal clasps. This method gives a secure hold to your dental appliance while eliminating the irritation it creates by rubbing across your gum line.

Ball-Retained Implant Dentures

The Ball-retained method allows for the most secure fit of the two and utilizse a ball and socket design. For this procedure, dental implants are placed, but instead of a metal bar, each implant is topped with a metal ball. Dentures are then fitted with corresponding sockets to snap into each ball.

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Dental implants are made of a safe titanium material, compatible with the body, and enjoy a similar relationship with the bone as your tooth root would. Their placement can improve your oral health by preserving bone that would otherwise be lost. If you have dentures, contact our office to learn more about how dental implants in Quincy can improve your quality of life.

Dr. Thomas Mone, located in Braintree, MA, is a periodontist who serves patients from Boston, MA, Quincy, MA, and Miton, MA. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!