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All-On-4 Dental Implants in Braintree, MA

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All-on-4 Implant Supported Dentures in Braintree, MAIf you have missing teeth, there are several successful dental restoration options available to you. However, options such as dentures may be more affordable but do not provide the stability of dental implants. Dr. Thomas Mone offers the All-on-4 procedure. This procedure is an excellent solution for those who wish to enjoy the stability of dental implants without the cost.

The All-on-4 Technique with Dental Implants

The All-on-4 technique is designed for the placement of only four dental implants.  Periodontist Dr. Mone can place these dental implants even in patients with limited bone density. This is not the case with traditional dental implants, where patients who have significant bone loss must undergo bone grafting procedures to ensure the success of their implants.

The four implant technique is possible due to the strategic placement of the dental implants. Braintree periodontist Dr. Mone will implant the posts at the sites where your bone density has the best capacity to integrate well with the dental implants, creating a firm foundation.

Advantages of All-on-4 with Dental Implants

  • Less expensive than traditional dental implants.
  • Does not require bone grafting sessions. If you do not have the limited bone density required for this procedure, Dr. Mone can review your options for bone grafts and other procedures for which you may be suited.
  • Allows you to enjoy all of your favorite foods. You will have none of the diet restrictions that are characteristic with wearing removable dentures.
  • Preserves bone by halting the deterioration process that occurs at the site of your missing teeth.
  • A safe, permanent solution that improves your overall quality of life.

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If you would like to learn more about the All-on-4 technique, contact our office for a consultation for dental implants in Braintree, MA. An evaluation by Dr. Mone can quickly determine whether you are a good candidate for this dental restoration procedure.

Dr. Thomas Mone, located in Braintree, MA, is a periodontist who serves patients from Boston, MA, Quincy, MA, and Miton, MA. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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